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أنت الآن تقوم بــ تحميل تطبيق ياسين تي في 2021 للايفون نسخة مجانية لمشاهدة البث المباشر للمباريات الحصرية 2022،
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Do you want to download Yasin TV 2021 for iPhone? To watch live streaming on iPhones for free online, using the apk-format Yasin TV app on Android devices, now we give you the strongest alternative to watching games on the iPhone.

What is Yasin TV?

A free live streaming app for local and high-end games, which works primarily in apk format for Android devices, is small and easy to use, and has a version without Premium Yacine TV Premium ads.

Download Yasin TV app 2021 IOS

Each program that works on Android has a copy close and similar to it, which works on the iOs version, where it is available on the App Store and downloaded directly by direct link 2021, and is used with ads and without ads on the iPhone, but there are many ways to watch games such as English League, Spanish and Italian.

Yasin TV features for iPhone

  • Completely free without paying any subscription to watch.
  • Works without ads.
  • It works in Arabic, and the language can be changed to another language.
  • There are plenty of quality packages that fit users' packages.
  • It is downloaded with a live link from your download site.

You can download Yasin TV apk for the Android version too

There is a video explaining: how to download the new version of Yasin Tv with external operator Yacine TV

New version:

Solve online operating problems for most channels.

What's new

إضافة العديد من قنوات المشاهدة للبث المباشر

إضافة قناة OSN

إضافة قنوات ART

تصميم جديد للقنوات تبدو.

يدعم DLNA و Chromecast.

مشغل خارجي حديث.

إضافة حدث مباشر.

خيار البحث متاح.

إصلاح مشكلة ملء الشاشة.



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