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أنت الآن تقوم بــ تحميل برنامج nsb/appstudio للاندرويد apk في تطبيقات موقع تحميلك للقسم التعليمي في الممكلة العربية السعودية، البرنامج الأول المفيد في تعلم وتطبيق لغات البرمجة، تعلم الآن لغات البرمجة.
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You are now downloading nsb/appstudio for Android apk in your download site applications for the educational section in Saudi Arabia, the first program useful in learning and applying programming languages, now learning programming languages.

Real programming skills in nsb/appstudio teach using JavaScript, web language, or BASIC, one of the languages most commonly used for education and business applications.

It's a more realistic world of graphic languages (Scratch, AppInventor), but much easier than professional tools (Eclipse, Java, XCode).

Do you want to try nsb? If you are a teacher anywhere or Saudi Arabia 2022, we have a free license for your own use. Use it to test lesson plans, develop curricula, or create apps to help you teach!

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