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كيف يتم تثبيت Download WhatsApp cases, save photos and apk videos؟

1. قم بتنزيل ملف ZIP.

2. قم بتثبيت تطبيق Split APKs Installer

3. افتح التطبيق وانقر على "تثبيت APKs".

4. ابحث عن المجلد الذي يوجد به ملف ZIP الذي تم تنزيله وحدده.

5. اتبع الخطوات التي تظهر على الشاشة.

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Now you're uploading WhatsApp cases, saving photos and apk videos for your mobile phone on Android for free Download and immediately save any image or video of Stori to your friends easily with one click that finds all the video uploaded to your phone.

Do you want to download photos and videos of your friends' status without being seen? Are you looking for an app that can easily save video and image status quickly and free of charge? So this situation and the home of the situation is definitely what you want!

Status Provider – Saving photos and videos can help you download status and photos in simple steps. Download whatsapp video status it is very fast and free of 100%. With stop downloading the app mode. You can easily save videos and photos from the status. Status Saver is a small package to save status downloads in the gallery. The best application to save video status is suitable for storing the latest status video. Best download photos and video status without requesting their status sent. The status provider will help you download the status in an easy and quick way.

This way, you can enjoy downloaded status photos and status videos anytime and anywhere download whatsapp cases, share them with friends, or repost the downloaded status on other social media.

This status application has been installed for WA: Download, save and try the status app now!

How to use
1. Open Down – Save photos and videos
1. Open WA and view your friends' story cases.
3. Back to the Stop app.
4. Check the status you want to save forever.
3. Click the download button to download and save the cases you want.

Features of all status saver applications
♫ Easy to use.
Tab view a clean and simple tab.
♫ Support multiple save and delete them.
♫ Photos and videos in different tabs
♫ WA case support, WA business, double space, parallel space, GB case
♫ Support downloading all hd videos and photos
Videos play offline videos using built-in video player
Photos View photos in offline mode using built-in gallery
♫ It's easy to share or republish downloaded videos and photos
♫ Small and lightweight

Status Provider: Save photos and videos is a custom status provider and download status to download all videos and photos of WA status. Download WhatsApp cases in simple steps, you can download status videos and status photos to your device and save photos and videos as long as you want.

The status-saving photo and video collector is a store for storing new stories, photos, and situations that provide a way to reuse the status in terms of looking back and republishing the status. Download whatsapp business cases it is best to save photos and video status that you don't need to ask someone to send. From the state store, download the WhatsApp status you can delete any unwanted photos or videos.
The built-in video player can play all the videos you've saved. Save WhatsApp photos and video cases so it's really a good download tool case and worth installing and trying

Status Provider – The video download app will not collect any personal or private information.
The status application save photos and videos does not belong to

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